Friday, January 4, 2008

Political Blogging - "West Wing" be Bested

I am a West Wing junkie. I’ve seen every episode, at least twice. Love every character. Cherish every Bartlett speech. But much, much more than the liberal idealism it purports, West Wing is contagious because it promotes hopeful patriotism. After watching West Wing I am proud to be an American. And what a sentiment to truly hold to in such a day and age.

There is indelible speech in the second season that I thought would never be surpassed in real politics. In the scene President Bartlett begins to lament to a room of school teachers that a recent suicide bombing by a number of young American students. He explains that, “They were not born wanting to do this.” Below is the video.

President Bartlett's Speech

The message is of progress, of bettering education; it was of hope. As I said, I never thought I would ever hear a more stirring speech, until last night.

Last night Barack Obama won over women, won over young people, and won over independents; and in doing so won over Iowa. Last night Obama gave a victory speech that superseded any West Wing speech. It was a speech for a new generation, a new era in American politic. My political life has been defined by candidates who champion mediocrity and defend the status-quo. West Wing was the only supplement for what I and so many wanted in a President, in a government, and in a country. West Wing be bested; we now have a real American President: Barack Obama.

Barak Obama's Victory Speech

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