Sunday, January 6, 2008

Political Blogging - "Anti-Hillary" Runs Deep

Until the Democratic National Committee has pledged a presidential nominee I will probably be writing few posts that pertain to theology.

So, while reading articles yesterday I came across a wildly errant statistic. A Blue Mass Group writer argued that youth support could be conveyed by the facebook groups that both laud and demonize the candidates.

The writer, you can read the article here, stated that the largest anti-Hillary facebook group was around 64,000. I wrote him to explain that the largest was actually almost 700,000 members. He revised his report soon after my notifying him:

"UPDATE: An alert reader corrects my report that the largest anti-Clinton group has 58,982 members. The largest anti-Clinton group, "Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)," has 673,511 members -- the vast majority of them well under 44, based on their pictures."


Hellernot said...

Many believe that the R's are in big trouble and point to '06 to support their argument. But as you pointed out, it may depend more on which D than on which R.
If Mrs. Bill Clinton is the D, then the R's will show up big time.

The Catholic Atheist said...


You're at least half-right.

Head-to-head polling for the general election shows, now (as of a week ago), Obama the favorite for all the combinations, except John McCain, where they tie. Clinton does well too, but not as well.

But as Obama has made clear this isn't just another primary-colors election; red, blue, and swinging-yellow states. This is a whole new politic (well, it's easy to swallow if your a Democrat).

Mark said...

Being that I have been outside of the U.S. since roughly when Bush got re-elected (oh how Europe can't help but snub their noses at us, U.S. Americans voting W twice!), I don't think I really understand the Obama movement. I know his biography and such...but what's he saying and proposing that makes him "better" than Hilary or any of the other candidates? "Change" is a rather empty word without some kind of specifics. Mark