Thursday, September 18, 2008

Political Blogging - Palin as Politik

The Chicago Tribune ran an op-ed on Biden Obama's VP choice under the title, "Obama Choice: Good Government, Bad Politics."

The news was awash in one statement: Obama was shoring up his foreign policy credentials. The choice signaled an Obama White House that was committed to responsible governance, but it was bad politics. Biden doesn't pick up a state. Biden doesn't motivate a certain voting block. Biden is good government and bad politics.

If there was ever a yin to one's yang, an up to one's down, an antithetical to Obama's thesis of good governance, it was McCain's choice of Sarah Palin. It was in good politics, but bad governance.

Recent polls are showing that the American people across the political spectrum see McCain's choice in such light.

The NewYorkTimes/CBS News Poll was released on September 18. One of the questions read: "Do you think Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate more because he is well qualified for the job or more because he thinks Joe Biden would help him win the election?

57% believed it was because he was "well qualified", 31% believed he was chosen because he would "help win" the election. The remaining polled thought it was either for both reasons, or had no opinion.

The same question was posed to McCain concerning the choice of Sarah Palin for the VP spot. Only 17% thought she was chosen because she was "well qualified", while 75% believed she was nominated because she would help him win.

Palin is mere politik.


Jimmy Cooper said...

Hello Jason. It is always good to hear your thoughts. How are things in Chi-town?

I don't want to accuse you of being in the tank for Obama here, but shouldn't Biden help with a lot of former Hillary supporters? Moreover, Delaware is not far from Pennsylvania, no?

It looks like Erin and I will be in the windy city the week of the election...will you be having a party that evening? Any chance I could meet your friend Obama?

Jimmy Cooper said...

Oh, I forgot, I also posted my sermon for this upcoming Sunday on my blog if you would like to take a look. I would love to hear your thoughts....

Hellernot said...

But isn't this the way it has always been? Besides I'd rather see Sarah on the tube than some old ugly grochy lookin dude.
Oh and the VA this morning was smooth as silk---should have done that 35 years ago.