Thursday, April 24, 2008

Political Blogging - What Tide Change?

The MSM have to make stories dramatic, no matter how mundane they may actually be. Clinton's primary win on Tuesday has been cast by the media as an extraordinary story of a candidate who has been beaten, bruised and broken, but still won over the Keystone State. How heroic.

And yet, the possibility - the sensibility - of the Clinton campaign continues to lose credibility. Instead of the tidal change of support she purports, national polls show, for her, only erosion.

The link is to the Real Clear Politics tracking chart of the national averages for the Democratic race.

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Hellernot said...

What kind of Democratic process are the Super delegates anyway-----in a supposed Democratic Party? I think the R’s should have like a “Mega Monster Delegate” just to continue making fun of the Dems. And why do the rank and file not protest this kind of system? Our new “MMD” will be user friendly---in fact the R’s won’t even have to vote because our MMD will take care of all of that for us. “Democracy”--what a concept!!